Roofing Specific Construction Tips

Sometimes there is nothing more exciting than getting started on a new project! Your tools are all in one place and are ready to be put to use, you have all your help lined up and ready to start working. But are you certain that you have everything you need? With so many things to consider, it can be difficult to remember everything, and often, you remember it at the last second.


Permits are one of the MOST important things you need to make sure you have in place before you begin any sort of construction, renovation or roofing work. Building permits can take a long while to get them registered, sometimes days or weeks, so make sure you have all of your city ordinances followed by filing all paperwork needed BEFORE you begin working on your big weekend project.

UPDATED 6th of July 2018! I was contacted by Jacob and it turns out that I got the name of the company wrong, since they had issues with the website when I looked up the information. They are located in Mobile, Alabama and have been there for the past 15 years. I apologize for any misunderstanding and thank you to the anonymous visitor who got in touch with Jacob. 16th Of November update. I’ve received an email from one of the readers and it looks like the website link has changed, which is now reflected in the post.

“It is a much better idea to wait till you get the necessary permits, than to get in trouble and pay enormous fines to the city” says Jacob, the owner of JC Roofing of Mobile. Read more about Jake and his work at his website or by reaching out directly. If you’re looking to do the work yourself, Jake also recommends GAF products due to their durability and proven track record. He also mentioned that often times when work is slow, city workers perform random job site checks to ensure compliance to laws and regulations. In other words… Wait for that permit! If you’re a local business owner and your building is in need of commercial roofing, be sure to give Jake a call.

Nothing would be more frustrating than having to postpone your start date because you do not have a permit and you could get fined, if you were found without one. Do your homework and get the darn permit!


This should be a no-brainer, but the best time to do any construction work or renovation work is in the warmer weather. If you are going to hire someone to do the work for you, keep in mind that the rates on projects tends to go UP, mostly because demand is higher. So, if you are hiring someone, the earlier the better is the rule of thumb and it will be for you and your wallet if you stick to that. If you are working on a project yourself, maintain and take all safety precautions and as long as you are not working in frigid, icy conditions, you are pretty much squared away to start when you can.


Always, ALWAYS contact your local utility companies to come out and do an assessment of your property to find all power lines, water lines, gas lines, telephone lines, etc. The very last thing you need to do is start digging and cut the power to your entire house. If you do that and you haven’t contacted them before the work began, you will have to pay a hefty price for them to come out and rewire your home to receive power and you will be sent to the end of the line, as it will not be a priority to them to fix YOUR error. They will come out and spray paint the lines in your yard to designate the type of lines there are (Red- Power, Orange – Gas, Blue – Water, Yellow – Cable). On a worst case scenario, if you fail to adhere to the lines, you could die, if you hit a line improperly. By taking this important step you are ensuring that your home stays safe, your help stays safe, and YOU stay alive.


When working on a DIY project it might also be a great idea to shop around for the most affordable prices on your supplies. Heading to your favorite hardware store might seem like the best thing to do, but competitive pricing at a different store or chain could make the difference from spending a few extra hundred dollars for materials to SAVING a few hundred dollars. Simply taking some time, online, to shop around for the best prices on your lumber, hardware and tools to do the job right could offer you substantial savings in the long run.


Planning, planning and (you guessed it) planning is probably one of the most important things you will have to do when working on a construction project on your home or property. Planning for people to come out and help you build the project, planning for the weather, planning for the drop-off of materials, and even planning the project out from start to finish are things that will make the project run more smoothly or become the worst project that you’ve ever taken on. Nothing can be more frustrating than getting ready to begin working on your project when a wind or thunderstorm begins. It would also be difficult to start a project if you don’t have everything you need to begin your build. Taking the time to plan out everything from start to finish will alleviate many headaches along the way.

I’ve also had multiple question come through about working on very steep roofs and what precautions you should take before starting the work. The video below should cover it all!


When you take the time to plan for and consider all of the points made here, you will be doing yourself the favor of trying to create a seamless project that will be a simple and pain-free success!

What UX Scientist Is All About

Thank you for visiting UX Scientist, it’s a pleasure having you. Did you know that most home improvement projects fail due to bad or under qualified contractors? And after the mistake appears and time comes for payback, it turns out that they aren’t even bonded or insured and in worst cases, not licensed with the state or the city.

It’s important to do your research as a home owner, but it’s just as important to spread the word about the guys that are trying to make a quick buck and ones who will take good care of their customer and ensure that customer satisfaction we all desire.

Have your ever come across an issue with a contactor, where you had to interfere? Not talking about small work like paint, but more serious things such as roofing, water damage restoration and of course, remodeling. Those types of projects are crucial to your home and to your wallet and must be taken care of correctly, without causing any issues in the future. Don’t you agree?

Thought so, so be sure to let us know about you experience with various companies and we’ll bring in pros in those categories to give you some great advice.

Check out the video below for some tips, before we get going:

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