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Thank you for visiting UX Scientist, it’s a pleasure having you. Did you know that most home improvement projects fail due to bad or under qualified contractors? And after the mistake appears and time comes for payback, it turns out that they aren’t even bonded or insured and in worst cases, not licensed with the state or the city.

It’s important to do your research as a home owner, but it’s just as important to spread the word about the guys that are trying to make a quick buck and ones who will take good care of their customer and ensure that customer satisfaction we all desire.

Have your ever come across an issue with a contactor, where you had to interfere? Not talking about small work like paint, but more serious things such as roofing, water damage restoration and of course, remodeling. Those types of projects are crucial to your home and to your wallet and must be taken care of correctly, without causing any issues in the future. Don’t you agree?

Thought so, so be sure to let us know about you experience with various companies and we’ll bring in pros in those categories to give you some great advice.

Check out the video below for some tips, before we get going:

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